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Want to recruit and retain NAIFA Members in your association? How about grow your NON DUES revenue? Would that help your association? Would that increase the value you’re able to bring to your members? NAIFA ClientCast® is here to help. This is a completely turnkey sales and marketing tool that is free for NAIFA Members! We’re going to show you how to leverage it, which will help you spark membership and grow non-dues revenue. Even if you’re already using one or both of these programs, this will be a good refresher course, as we’ve done a TON of updates (all requested by your peers) in just the last few months alone.

The NAIFA ClientCast® Leadership Tour

Learn more about how NAIFA ClientCast® supports NAIFA Leadership by watching this NAIFA Leadership Tour Webinar we hosted on February 16th, 2018.

“NAIFA ClientCast® is one of the greatest member engagement tools that we have; it creates real sales results. Use this marketing tool for recruitment and retention for our association. Be sure to take advantage of this NAIFA member benefit!”

John F. Nichols, NAIFA President 2013 – 2014

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