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The NAIFA ClientCast® Tour

Find out what you’re now getting as a NAIFA Member, how to use it, and how to leverage it to make more money.
Even if you’re already using one or both of these programs, this will be a good refresher course, as we’ve done a TON of updates (all requested by your peers) in just the last few months alone.

Take the tour on demand (below) or sign up for the next live tour  taking place every Tuesday!

11:30am ET / 10:30am CT / 9:30am MT / 8:30am PT

Check out our latest feature release tour featuring our RedTail integration, Holiday emails, Custom subscribe and more!

What we cover in the tour:

NAIFA and Real Wealth® have joined forces to offer you a turn-key marketing program like no other: NAIFA ClientCast®!
The NAIFA ClientCast® Marketing Program is FREE to you as a NAIFA member, so take this opportunity to learn how you can put this program to work for you.

NAIFA ClientCast®

  • Market yourself to your clients and prospects for FREE
  • Cross sell to your clients while you sleep (and while you are awake)
  • Get referrals without even asking

Power Session LIVE

  • Learn tools to make you a more proficient professional
  • Learn best practice ideas that make you a better business person
  • Stay in tune with industry changes so you can take advantage of new opportunities

Helpful resources:

If you are using Outlook…

Join a live demonstration!

Create a contact group of your clients and prospects.

  1. Go to contacts
  2. Select new contact group
  3. Give your contact group a name
  4. Click add members to add your clients and prospects to the group
  5. Click save and close the dialogue box

Distribute NAIFA ClientCast® each month

  1. Copy the NAIFA ClientCast® message
  2. Open a new email
  3. Paste the NAIFA ClientCast® message into your new email
    Note: If/ the “My Webpage” text has become un-linked, highlight the text, click the Insert tab and open the hyperlink tool. Type your Webpage’s address (http://realwealthmedia.com/yourname) into the address bar and click ok.
  4. Click the To… button
  5. Select your client distribution list and click the BCC… button IMPORTANT: “BCC” stands for “blind carbon copy”. This will allow you to send the email to multiple contacts without the recipients being able to see the other contacts in your mailing list
  6. Enter a subject line and hit send


Have you heard about the new Real Wealth® Content Marketing System?
It allows us to schedule everything out consistently FOR you!

  • personalized email & social media campaigns
  • fully automated distribution system
  • relevant and intriguing content (weekly library | monthly library)
  • industry experts and nationally recognized featured guests
  • analytics to easily gauge hot leads
  • interest-specific lists of prospects
  • compliance friendly content & system (pre-approved for some of you!)
  • increased SEO for your website
  • one-on-one marketing consultation
  • lead generation tools
  • personally branded website
  • time and money savings

Included in Premier Membership.